Live Hotmail

Live Hotmail is the former name of the now Outlook mailHotmail renewal. After the traditional name known and Hotmail, Microsoft decided to change the name of your mail by Outlook a new service that offers the same benefits and new options.

Live Hotmail


As you know, during the more than 10 years of Hotmail, Microsoft Mail was passing by different names, such as MSN HotmailHotmailWindows Live HotmailMicrosoft Hotmail or Live Hotmail, to finally change the traditional name of Hotmail by Outlook.

Live Hotmail was the service of Hotmail more users caught with its modern interface, easy to use and multiple options. Over time, Live Hotmail was growing and garnering millions of fans to this day prefer the Microsoft service instead of Google Mail: Gmail.

Outlook service (ex Live Hotmail) has to offer great options. First, a large inbox, where we can see highlighted with bold new emails. From the same tray, bringing the pointer, we have the options to remove the message or highlight as important message.
We can also select the mail and then: move it to a folder in particular, send it to spam if this is it, or delete it.

As for the contacts, in addition to our traditional contacts have the option of incorporating our Facebook contacts, a great new option for Facebook and to chat with them in the same way as Skype, on the right of the Inbox.

Live Hotmail evolved Outlook improving its service and offering new and interesting options that can not help but enjoy. Therefore, we recommend using the services of Outlook in order to enjoy the best of all email.

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Incoming search terms: has, for many years, been one of the kings in the email market, and this gets updated continuously and offering, each day, new enhancements to give more quality to its service.

Although, some months ago, merged with Outlook, this service has not deteriorated in any way, but it has improved. Besides, your account will operate forever and without any problems, and if you like the extension, neither will be a problem since they are offering on the web.

Another change that has suffered in recent months, has been the disappearance of Messenger to integrate with Skype. Although, this may have been uncomfortable for many users accustomed to the old platform, the fact is that Skype works better in every way, and it is thus possible to have all your Skype contacts and in one account.

Hopefully Hotmail will continue making improvements as usual, because in such a competitive market as is email, whom are not renewed, are doomed to die, as happened with Yahoo´s email (a few years ago were widely used but nowadays it is rare to meet someone who use it).

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